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Industrial sites Demolition is the most basic recycling process. An Industrial site that has reached the end of its useful life, or no longer meets the needs of the owner, is demolished and the resulting location can be reborn.


Hefer Valley Ltd , partners with the most reputable demolition contractors in each individual market. These contractors in combination with local HVE account executives provide the most knowledgeable recommendations and the most competitive pricing. Our facilities provide the specific containers necessary for optimum handling requirements and the transportation services necessary to keep the job going.


We understand the multitude of issues facing your demolition project. We value your time and realize what you require is seamless support through the entire process.


Scrap value is a very important component of a demolition project. We accept most components of your demolition projects: beams, plate, rebar, sheet, and all nonferrous material. Our consumer relationships allow us to provide very competitive values for your material. Our multiple operating locations provide us with the ability to provide you with exemplary service and competitive freight costs.


Whether you have big or small Industrial demolition project, Hefer Valley Export Ltd stands ready to serve you!

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