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Premium Select  Orri Clementine

Selektiert und Gepackt fur MHS INTERNATIONAL GmbH & Co. KG


% of daily value per 100gr.

Vitamin C - %81

Thiamin - %6

Folate - %6

Vitamin B6 - %4


% of daily value per 100gr.

Potassium - %5

Magnesium - %2

Phosphorus - %2

Copper - %2

Dietary Fibers - %7


% of daily value per 100gr.

Carbonhydrate - %4

Calories - %2

Protein - %2

Easy to Peel



Health Benefits of Orri Clementine
Reducing Formation of Wrinkles
Repairing Damaged Skin
Boosts Immune System
Reducing Stress and Depression
Helps in keeping Skin Healthy and Youthful
Helps Digestion and anti-Constipation
Helps to maintain Healthy Bones
Reduces Risks of Stroke and Cardiovascular Diseases
Helps in Maintaining Electrolytic Balance of Body
Helps in Protecting the Body from few Types of Cancer
Caution: might cause Allergy
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